Dead Rising 1 (and all of those other regrettable sequels)

This was some of the edgiest shit back when I was around 10 years old. My older brother Jesper introduced me to this game by showing me this trailer. I was hooked. I was later surprised to find that my dad was perfectly OK with me playing a game this violent.

One day I was playing the XBOX 360 demo version for the umpteenth time. My dad walked in and asked me what I was playing. I explained to him that it was one of the newest and most interesting games around. Dead Rising. He watched me run around Paradise Plaza, splattering zombie heads with my handy dandy shotgun, chucking CDs at crowds of the undead, whilst occasionally downing an OJ or two in order to replenish my health.

He seemed somewhat uninterested in the game, but perfectly fine with me buying it after I had gotten my next allowance.

Would a Dead Rising/Bully crossover be too much to ask for? Probably. I’d still love to see it.

My brother and I ended up picking up Dead Rising at a local Gamestop a few weeks later. We eagerly placed the game’s disc in the XBOX 360 disc tray. We ended up playing the game for hours on end. Rescuing survivors, going through the main plot, and exploring the game’s massive shopping mall.

Escorting survivors was a bitch, but that didn’t stop us from having a blast. When we entered Leisure Park and heard that dreaded Lifeseeker line “WEEEEELL!!! He ain’t my boy, but the brotha is heavy!”, followed by our party of survivors getting quickly taken out by those fucking convicts we still managed to have a lot of fun.

The frustration was always there with the AI, but it weirdly added to a sense of accomplishment whenever you managed to escort a group of survivors to the security room. Yeah, the survivors were complete and utter retards, but they were retards that I, Frank West, had rescued from certain doom. Hell yeah!

“Defend myself? With what? All I have is this strange metal thingamabob.”

Dead Rising 1 still remains one of my favorite games of all time. I feel like this trailer really shows the appeal of the first game. The concept was unique and fresh, and the gameplay was really addictive. Not to mention how much beautiful gore and violence there was to be seen. Crislip’s Home Saloon had it all! Axes, chainsaws, lawnmowers, and much more. Everything a slasher villain could ever want!

The soundtrack was also killer. I still occasionally find myself bobbing my head to ‘Gone Guru’, ‘Slave’, ‘Fly Routine’, and ‘Justified’.
Celldweller was a good choice for Dead Rising 2’s soundtrack, but it really didn’t meet the same level of intensity as the nice variety of rap, rock, and raprock the first game had.

It saddens me to see how much of a disappointment the later games became, but I do think that it helps when you choose to not consider DR3 and DR4 canon.
Dead Rising 2 is where it ends for me. And even in DR2 there are some parts that I just dismiss as stupid bullshit not even worth considering as part of the series.

Chop ’til you drop.

Movin’ on up & Other bullshit

Before I start this messy post I’m just gonna answer the most prevalent questions I’ve been asked as of late:

When is your next video going to be uploaded?
No idea. Soon, I hope. My guess would be 2 – 5 days from now. It all depends on variables that I can neither predict nor control.

Are you going to make more Pete Show?
Yes. Right now it’s only a matter of technical limitations that have yet to be resolved. I do have lots of plans and ideas though.

What projects are you working on?
Right now I’m working on a huge mod called “Bully: Beta Edition” (temporary title). As the name would suggest, it’s a recreation of the Beta version of Bully, along with the features that were scrapped from it.

Alright, so let’s begin.
I’m currently in the midst of moving. The contract for my new apartment is on my desk and I will more than likely sign it soon.
The reason I haven’t signed it yet is because I’m currently waiting for the real estate agency to possibly supply me with the contract for a different apartment. It’s very nebulous right now, so it’s hard for me to say what’s going to happen next.

My prediction is that I won’t be given the contract for the other apartment (despite being offered it during a phone call), and that I will end up signing the contract on my desk.
Which is fine. It’s only a matter of a minimal difference. I’d still be living at the same address.

My Youtube channel is still getting a decent amount of views, lack of activity considered and all.
I aim to kick it into high gear as soon as I get my new apartment. Having my own place is just the thing I need to produce daily videos of much higher quality at a faster and more efficient rate.

Sweg artwork by Poundcake. Both a great artist and friend.

Everything is not sunshine and joy though. I was recently threatened by a batshit insane family member.
I should give you some context as it is kind of a major fucking allegation to put forth.

The relationship between me and my dad’s side of the family has always been dreadful. I experienced lots of psychological, emotional (and at times physical) abuse as a kid.
This pretty much killed any trust and respect I had for my dad and his side of the family. And as such, I came to the conclusion that I have to cut ties with him and most of the people near him.

It’s not only a matter of disagreements or tension, but also for my own well being.
I realized years ago that there’s nothing for me to salvage. It’s a waste of time that will only hold me back from the things I want to pursue in life.

After telling him formally and directly that I do not wish to pursue any kind of communication, he acted fine about it at first.
He then told me “Well, you have to keep in touch… right?”. To which I said “We’ll see.” every time he asked that question.

Now some time has passed and I think he realizes that it’s permanent. And out of frustration he decided to call me up and scream in rage, in hopes that I would submit and let him control me.
Frankly, I’m more insulted by that expectation than his threats. I have the conversation recorded, by the way. One person thus far has heard it. We both laughed at it due to it’s weird and petty nature.

The phone call mostly consisted of him yelling that he was gonna come over and beat the shit out of me. I thought about releasing it in hopes that it would sabotage his name and relationship with other family members, but there’s really no use. I don’t want anything to do with this person.
He’s simply not worth the time or energy.

Despite it being a pretty hilarious matter as far as analyzing the call goes, it has still caused me a deal of stress.
Being threatened is something I’m unfortunately used to. I experienced it from my stepmother, people at school and others throughout my life.

In all honesty, it was pretty fascinating to watch someone crumble under the pressure like that. Hearing a fully grown man scream and curse like a spoiled brat who didn’t get the new iPhone for Christmas was pretty ridiculous, but also something that I had never experienced prior. Pathetic display.

It’s a weird amalgamation of feelings that I feel; Amusement, astonishment and plain stress.
It definitely wasn’t a surprise. This is what I assume happens to a kid who always gets their way. They freak out the moment something doesn’t go their way. And their way of dealing with that situation is to lash out at anyone they feel wronged them.

Yeah. How dare I have the temerity to wish to cut ties with this person. How loathsome of me to be selective about who I choose to associate with, right?
Anyways, I’m pretty excited to move into my new apartment. And I do definitely see good things on the horizon. Great things.

– Sweg

New Website

In hopes that the domain was still available, I did a quick search and found that luckily it was still up for sale.
I decided to buy this domain, just for the fuck of it.

I’m not quite sure what I’ll post here just yet. I’m thinking that it could probably function as a place for me to document my life, hobbies and progress in video making and Bully modding.
I might also post some exclusive content here, just to populate the site a bit more.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, then feel free to let me know.
– Sweg